The Paris Lawyer

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Can you ever escape your past?

As a child, she was the only witness to a heinous crime. Now, Catherine Monsigny is an ambitious rookie attorney in Paris, working for a well-known firm. On the side, she does pro bono work and hits the jackpot: a major felony case that could boost her career. A black woman is accused of poisoning her rich farmer husband in a peaceful village in central France, where nothing ever happens. While preparing the case, Catherine’s own past comes back with a vengeance. This fast-paced story follows Catherine’s determined search for the truth in both her case and her own life. Who can she believe? And can you ever escape from your past?



Prix du Sang d’Encre 2011

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Sylvie Granotier is a best-selling French author, screenwriter and actress with fourteen novels under her belt. This is her first book translated into English.

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Anne Trager has lived in France for over twenty-six years, working in translation, publishing, and communications.

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The Paris Lawyer

by Sylvie Granotier; translated by Anne Trager—e-book, trade paperback, hardback—published by Le French Book—ISBN: 978-0-9853206-1-4 (epub)/978-0-985320-64-5 (Kindle)/ 978-1-939474-01-8 (trade paperback)/ 978-1-939474-68-1 (hardback)—First published in French (La Rigole du Diable, Editions Albin Michel, Paris)—Trade paperback release: May 15, 2014.

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