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"In the mist-covered hills of Sauternes, where the wine is luscious and the landscape beguiling, wine expert Benjamin Cooker and his dashing assistant Virgile Lanssien uncover the intricate taste of greed and remorse in the new Winemaker Detective mystery."

“Until his dying day, Benjamin would recall the gentle crystalline hiss of the juice languidly flowing into the barrel.”



"From this rather unsavory mixture, a thick and deliciously fragrant juice would flow like gold from a spout"


“He was a spiritual man, and he maintained that the Holy Spirit descended on these hills to transform the grapes into wine for the angels.”


“We may have two ways of going about things, boss, but we always seem to reach our destination together.”


“A honeyed sun was heating the tabletops, and the autumn warmth had a fragrance of apples left in the attic.”