Shadow Ritual

Freemasons versus Nazis, who will win?


Ritual murders. Ancient enemies. A powerful secret.

An electrifying thriller about the rise of extremism. Two slayings—one in Rome and one in Jerusalem—rekindle an ancient rivalry between modern-day secret societies for knowledge lost at the fall of the Third Reich. Detective Antoine Marcas unwillingly teams up with the strong-willed Jade Zewinski to chase Neo-Nazi assassins across Europe. They must unravel an arcane Freemason mystery, sparked by information from newly revealed KGB files. Inspired from the true story of mysterious Freemason files thought to hold a terrible secret, stolen by the SS in 1940, recovered by the Red Army in 1945 and returned half a century later.


  • First in a nine-book series
  • 300,000 copies of Shadow Ritual sold
  • The series has sold 2 million copies
  • Translated into seventeen languages.


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Shadow Ritual
The Lafayette Sword

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Published in 17 countries—Finally in English.


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Jacques Ravenne is a literary scholar who has also written a biography of the Marquis de Sade and edited his letters. He loves to explore the hidden side of major historical events. Eric Giacometti was an investigative reporter for a major French newspaper. He has covered a number of high-profile scandals and has done exhaustive research in the area of freemasonry.

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Anne Trager has a passion for crime fiction that equals her love of France. After years working in translation, publishing and communications, she founded Le French Book.

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Shadow Ritual

by Eric Giacometti & Jacques Ravenne; translated by Anne Trager—published by Le French Book—ISBN: 978-1-939474-29-2 (epub)/ 978-1-939474-30-8 (trade paperback) / 978-1-939474-31-5 (hardback) — First published in French (Rituel de l'ombre, Fleuve Noire, Paris)—Release: March 2015.

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