"What a delight it is to have discovered this mystery series."

“… The translation reads smoothly and pleasurably, which for me means that it meets the most important test of literary translation. Most impressive of all to me were some of the delightful descriptions of food and wine… Also very satisfying are the peeks into the painstaking art and science of winemaking… 

Not surprising, given that these are books written in French for a French audience, is the number of intellectually satisfying conversations and musings, and also the literary allusions that are sprinkled throughout… I never really understood quite as well what was meant by a “cozy mystery” until I reached the end of this book: the murderers have been apprehended, justice has been served, and life goes on in a way that leaves plenty of room for the characters to engage in interesting philosophical ruminations about life, love, and joie de vivre. And in this case, to enjoy the plaisir inherent in fine dining. It is oh-so-French, and as I came to the end of the story, I felt indeed very cozy.” —Bonjour Paris

Requiem in Yquem