"An intelligent, sophisticated and funny ride...a thoughtful and well written book. Highly recommended."

"Laure Grenadier and her photographer Paco Alvarez are in Lyon France to work on a magazine spread about bouchons, fabulous specialized eateries. Often inherited through families, each bouchon had a type of specialized menu that would win the chefs Michelin stars and public acclaim. 

However, things aren’t really adding up when three prominent chefs, friends since childhood, are murdered virtually the same way very close together timewise, leaving everyone scared with no clue as to why. And just how do these two figure into the equation?

As a very big fan of Noel Balen’s series The Winemaker Detective I was honored when Le French Book began to offer ARCs of what is hoped to be a new series. Rather than wine, this book finds it’s feet planted firmly in the culinary history that is foundational to France. Balen obviously loves his country, and takes you along in an intelligent, sophisticated and funny ride as we get to know Laure and Paco and their world(s). A fast, fun, thoughtful and well written book. Highly recommended 5/5" — Goodreads review

Minced, Marinated, and Murdered