“A powerful noir tale."

White Leopard by award-winning author Laurent Guillaume is a powerful noir tale overflowing with graphic violence.

It introduces former French cop “Solo” Camara, nicknamed “the White Leopard”, now working as a private investigator in Bamako, Mali, a land-locked country in West Africa.

He’s hired by a beautiful French lawyer to help her younger sister Bahaia, arrested while trying to smuggle 13 kilos of cocaine to Paris.

Solo knows the right people in Mali, where corruption abounds; he’s successful, but with devastating results. Bahia is discovered with her throat slit; the private detective goes on a mission of vengeance as he seeks her brutal killer.

The description of life in Mali is eye-opening; there’s nonstop violent action with an abundance of nasty, scheming characters and drug-dealers.

This dark gritty tale is the first of Guillaume’s novels to be translated into English. It won’t be his last.” Lansing State Journal