“This is probably the most interesting mystery I've read in ages.”

“This is probably the most interesting mystery I've read in ages. It is a gold mine of information on Freemasonry and alchemy. All of the information is woven carefully into the plot so that it reads very well... I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It is well crafted. The structure of the novel, interweaving the contemporary story with the one from medieval times, really worked well. The stories were written in a way that kept my interest in both of them, even before I knew of their connection.

What I liked best about the novel was all the information it contained on Freemasonry. The facts were included in dialog in such a way that the narrative entertained as well as informed. And the translation from the French is wonderful.

I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy novels about conspiracies and secret societies, all wrapped up in a thrilling plot. Note: there is a torture scene in the medieval story that is a bit gruesome but realistic, I am sure.” —Book Reviews from an Avid Reader

The Lafayette Sword