“ I was completely surprised by the twist! It was NOT the body I was expecting. A great work.”

"My day-job includes coverage of current events around the world. I had just finished reading Backstabbing in Beaujolais when I got to watch an in-depth report on the Chinese wine market, the high-end buying frenzy, and the corruption crackdown. It was so cool to get a deeper perspective on topics that had just been introduced through the book!

A new aspect for the authors this time was to incorporate time-skip and flashbacks, as one often comes across in today’s crime dramas. They started with the murder, and then jumped back in time to all the events leading up to the death. It added a layer of depth to my reading. I felt like I was actually a part of the action, looking at each character through an investigative lens, trying to figure out the answer before the reveal.

And in my own personal standard for a great mystery tale, I was completely surprised by the twist! It was NOT the body I was expecting. I get a deep satisfaction out of works that I can’t immediately tell the ending, and this book – indeed, this series – has never let me down. Layers upon layers of intrigue! Murder on top of murder, crimes on top of crimes. I would think I had an idea of what would happen next, only to be upended by great twists.

One other detail stood out to me in this work, the authors’ lovely defense of the police force and all they do, through the words of their characters. Even in their criticisms, they were understanding and praised the police for all they do for the communities they live in. This resonated with me deeply, as many of the aforementioned current events I deal with every day have recently been much less kind to the men and women putting themselves on the line for their communities. 

A great work! Excited for the next!” —Student of Opinions