“Fabulous sophisticated mysteries... lush descriptions... more than a reading adventure, it's a reading experience.”

“A potent mystery is delivered, a slow unbraiding reveals an affecting motive along with an equally morose ending.

Cooker returns igniting your senses as he conducts business from Paris. Food, wine, art, historical sites deliver a rich atmosphere. As always Cooker includes his wife, Elisabeth only adding to his three-dimensionality. Cooker and Virgile ferret clues and suspects and as always engage in witty banter providing plenty of laughs and smiles. Solving the shooting of Cooker’s acquaintance is intriguing, mystifying creating a page turner, curiosity fully engaged. A trail of vague clues spilled, lending to the mystery element.

The intimacy the authors have created between Cooker and the audience gives another layer to these fabulous sophisticated mysteries. By exposing Cooker personally, including his family, idiosyncrasies, you feel part of the story, you’re solving the mystery as well as soaking in the lush descriptions. I look forward to this delicious series immensely – more than a reading adventure, it’s a reading experience.

Another wonderful installment Alaux and Balen crafted. Never disappointing, always a special delight to explore.” — The Discerning Reader

Montmartre Mysteries