“The book totally captivated me... Un-put-down-able and refreshingly dark mystery.”

“France for me has been typically associated with everything romantic. The prospect of reading an art based mystery sounded even ‘more’ romantic for me. I’m a mystery addict. Needless to say, the book totally captivated me. 

Marion, our protagonist works for a woman who runs a company that traces lost Art items. Her boss reminds me of Meryl Streep from The devil wears a Prada – Iron fisted lady. Marion’s life is wrecked when she served with the will of her father – Edmund Magni – the eccentric art collector who she presumed was dead long back but actually was alive until recently. To obtain the inheritance, she has to collect three rare pieces of work belonging to Pre-Columbian art. Marion embarks in a mad race that almost shakes up the entire art world and lands her in an emotional turmoil. 

The writer’s experience as a stolen art investigator is apparent from the in-depth analysis and reasoning about art forgery/theft narrated from Marion’s perspective as a part of the story. To an art novice like me, that part of the book was nothing short of being enchanting. The story line was backed by proper reasoning and was devoid of any logical loop holes. The story as such was paced like a sine wave – alternating between being extremely fast and slow paced. The perfect characterization aided very much in reasoning the plot. One school of thought that is worthy of mention is the part where the female protagonist sleeps with an attractive man but is thoroughly un-apologetic about it. Writers normally take that liberty only with men.  It felt happy to read about a woman in such a predicament. Cheers to the writer – Anne for bringing that about. 

I never felt that the book is work of translation. The translator – Sophie has obviously done a good job and has ensured that vital elements of the book (Emotions particularly) wasn’t lost in translation literally. 

MY SAY: Un-put-down-able and refreshingly dark mystery.” —Book and Ink

The Collector