“An interesting, compelling and realistic mystery... I recommend it to anyone who loves mystery, art, and France.”

“It's an interesting, compelling and realistic mystery set in the world of art. It's well written and the pages fly by effortlessly. I could only put it down with great difficulty, I wanted to see what happened next!

Marion has always believed that her father had died when she was very small. Instead she discovers that he only assumed another identity and had lived many years away from his family. Now he has bequeathed to her his collection of pre-Columbian art, with really fabulous and valuable pieces. But she can only have under certain conditions. She must be able to find three pieces really special. With the help of some friends she will venture looking for these missing sculptures.

An excellent start to a new mystery series, it's easy to read with a compelling mystery, with a lot of suspense and twists, a great plot and believable characters.

This is my first time reading a book by this author, and I can say with complete certainty that it will not be my last! It is understandable from the first page that she is a real expert on the subject, her knowledge has made the story really believable.

I recommend it to anyone who loves mystery, art and France.” —LibriAmoriMiei

The Collector