“Is Marion a good person? Is she a bad person? What happens to the art collection she was left if she met the conditions of the will?”

The Collector has some pretty colorful characters from her mother to her best friend, Chris. The people she runs into in her attempt to meet the conditions of the will run the gamut from friendly and helpful to what appears to be quite evil. No one's motive is apparent. Just when you think someone is on Marion's side it turns out they are against her. There is a huge mystery and we are getting to know the person that left the collection to Marion, her own father, Magni, at the same time as she is learning about him. Just when you hope that he left her this huge windfall it seems that possibly it might have been all a game to him... I look forward to seeing where the author goes next!” —Lady Techie's Book Musings. Read full review here.

The Collector