“Summer in French wine country with murder on the list... a classic vintage.”

“... We see modern standards intruding on the old country of the Medoc region. Winemakers here treasure their secrets, traditional methods and family employment, but the new commercial owners of an estate want to sweep clean and produce more economically. This has certainly produced enemies, whatever about wine.

Amid debate on whether to replace corks with metal screw-caps, and exploitation of migrant workers, we find a determined, human face to our senior vintner. Virgile too patiently spends time with the injured Margaux, reassuring her that there will still be a good life for her. While wine tasting takes a back seat in this snappy novella, and the weather's too hot for much but salads, MAYHEM IN MARGAUX is classic vintage from the team of Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen. You won't want to miss this exciting chapter in the lives of Cooker and Virgile.” —Fresh Fiction. Read full review here.

Mayhem in Margaux