"Smart, well-worked-out” “Well-written, well-constructed intelligent first novel.”

“Smart and well-worked-out, there are some coincidences that scream out contrived but it's all overcome by the well-observed characters and, finally, the scam itself - takes us into pre-Columbian art market with an heir who wonders if she's onto something valuable in terms of her time and the grief of death of an estranged father who may not have been all he seemed - I liked that weave of family, and Marion's unique presence and nous: she's not to be trifled with, and yet she has her own charms - it will be curious to see how other stories with her work out as central figure: all in the art world?? that will be sensational”

This is a well written and well constructed intelligent first novel. It is an art mystery in Paris. There is a large and very prestigious art inheritance, but with a catch. An interesting look behind the scenes of a world most of us would never see. An excellent debut novel, I hope there are more!”

— Netgalley reviews

The Collector