“This is entirely the most enjoyable series.”

“This is entirely the most enjoyable series, and I love being in the world created—the wine master who has a good nose, is also good at benevolence and figuring out crime—and in this one encountering an old love—we see Ben in early days and it's all part of the mystery of who killed the scion of the famous Cognac brand family—sexy, dangerous women and his stalwart assistant more son than colleague has wonderful vulnerability to just such women, but he has a different take on things. Younger and charismatic, men and women are drawn to him and vice versa—it's a problem!! We also tour the French countryside and life, back and forth this time too to Paris to trace an undisclosed offspring ... really good fun. More complex and honed down than others in the series as well; but beware, it will keep you up at night!” —5-star Netgalley review

Cognac Conspiracies