“A fantastic trilogy... lessons in humanity worth listening to. These books are amazing.”

“After trying to destroy his life in the first book, Jeremy Corbin has found a new balance, thanks to Eytan. Now married, he wished a peaceful life. But they know a lot about Eytan, who will come back to them and ask the two of them for assistance. Eytan is always threatened as he is the ueber-mensch created by Hitlerian scientists seventy years before. Jeremy and his wife are threatened by members of the mysterious consortium, a group looking for power at any price. In the Consortium, you find some old and some new Nazis, and just people wanting to control the world.

It is a fantastic trilogy, which may be read as stand-alones. I began with the second one, and fell in love. No unnecessary violence, no gory descriptions, no awful language, but lessons in humanity worth listening to. I try to convince you those books are amazing, because I believe it. It has been said : "if you like thrillers with action, it is for you. If you don't, try it, it will change your mind". I hate action/adventure thrillers but here, you have something different, Try it!!!” —5-star educator review

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