“It has nail-biting action, and tons of suspense... If you like spy or espionage stories, these books will be a real find.”

“I have liked this series from the first book and I liked this one too. It has nail-biting action, and tons of suspense in this mystery. If you like spy or espionage stories, these books will be a real find. I do like those kinds of books but what truly hooks me with these books is the hero.

Here is a man, really a superman of sorts, who is both tragic and heroic and quite loveable. This is not how one would expect to describe an assassin but somehow by mixing the interactions he has with both his friends and his enemies in present day and his backstory, he comes out as someone for whom one roots and cheers.

This outing starts strong and never lets up. Eytan must deal with his foes from the Consortium but also a clandestine military group in the US who think having a superhuman fighting force is a good idea. They have the mechanics down but they would like to get their hands on Eytan to see what are his secrets.

While the current story is spinning, we also glimpse backwards to the time just after he escaped his Nazi captors and joined the Polish resistance. Without getting in the way of the action narrative, his battles to re-establish himself as a human being are intensely moving.

We also learn more of his relationships with Eli and his brother whom he "adopted" on the ship to America after the war. Their history together is complex but again, it is extremely moving. Without giving too much away, if there are future books, it will be interesting to see what happens after this story ends to the various characters.

I do hope there is another one. Did I mention? I like this series.” —5-star Netgalley review

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