“A mystery intertwined around the wines of France, the food and scenery...tightly edited and flawlessly translated."

“This is a quick and gentle read. I say gentle as there is no violence or graphic sex just a mystery intertwined around the wines of France the food and scenery. It is quick, I finished it in a night and it has been extremely tightly edited. and flawlessly translated. There is a 2 page discourse on the merits of a traditional cork over a screwcap in wine bottles, that is a real gem of knowledge. The perfectly painted description of the Cordouan Lighthouse made me look it up on Google and put it on my bucket list.

The mystery sits well within the story and there are literally pages of names of wines from the various well known and not so well known French vineyards. Would that I could taste them all.
Benjamin's character is developed further in this book and perhaps the jealous father guarding his daughter makes him more human and less likeable?" —4-star reader review

Mayhem in Margaux