“This very fast, action packed thriller gripped me from the moment I started reading it.”

This very fast, action packed thriller gripped me from the moment I started reading it. Originally published in French and in part based in that country the book has been brilliantly translated into English by Julie Rose. This is an eco-thriller supposedly happening in the near future and written to envisage a time when all of the ecological disasters anticipated by the climate change lobby occur at once.

A doomsday scenario is started, when parts of Greenland (which is more or less completely made of ice) start to break up and the ice cap starts melting fast as a result of global warming. A ship owned by a gas company and carrying precious deep ice cores has just left Baffin Bay when a tidal wave hits it, which in turn is on it's way to the East coast of America. Details of this catastrophe are broadcast to the Worlds media and three people in a strategic consulting group contact the ships captain through his company and offer their specialist services.

They quickly become involved in a race against time and against competing other factions to rescue the ice cores aboard the vessel. These precious scientific samples could save the Earth from disaster. To this basic plot are added many sub-plots, which involve many other characters and a lot of this occurs in France as of course the author hails from that country.

It seemed strange reading a book that was not about crime or action and adventure, but was about extremes of weather which is of course much more important! The general plot was extremely diverting from the usual books I read for review purposes and that is not a bad thing. The well plotted story line was very gripping and the amorous goings on of some of the characters (well they are French) was also very entertaining. I must admit that I did not intend to read this book and put off doing so for some time but now that I have done so I am very pleased with the opportunity that I was given. I have not had the pleasure of reading anything by Bernard Besson before and looking on-line I see that this is the only title that has been translated into English so far, but perhaps more will become available over time. So if you want to read an exciting book that illustrates remarkably what could happen to our planet as a result of global warning than this is a very gripping example.” —Eurocrime

The Greenland Breach