“Another fast and furiously-paced thriller. The prose simply flows, and the twists and turns are unforeseeable.”

In this, the third of David Khara’s Consortium series, we again meet Eytan Morgenstern, the only living patient of Professor Bleiberg, “the scientist who had enslaved him and forced him to endure dozens, maybe hundreds, of injections and brutal tests.” These tests eventually gave Eytan greatly enhanced physical and mental abilities, together with a unique slow-aging quality.

When a rogue faction of commandoes attempt to kidnap Jeremy and Jackie Corbin and their baby Annie, Eytan rescues them, and in so doing, discovers a plot of overwhelming magnitude. The CIA is involved as also is the Consortium, Eytan’s sworn enemy, headed by the man known only as Cypher.

This is as far as I am able to go in providing any details of the book or the plot, for if I were to detail any further involvements, it would surely give away many of the subtle nuances that go to make up this great and gripping yarn.

David Khara—aided superbly by Sophie Weiner—has written yet another fast and furiously-paced thriller. The prose simply flows, and the twists and turns are unforeseeable.

There are some great characters in Eytan himself, and his friends Eli and Avi. Jeremy and Jackie, whilst initially tending to be sceptical of the whole plot and its fall-out, eventually commit to the situation. Indeed, I have a feeling that they may feature prominently in any upcoming stories of Eytan Morgenstern.

This book is all about easy yet compelling reading, and I guarantee that once you have started it, you will not want to put it down.” —www.bestsellingcrimethrillers.com

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