“I was absolutely enthralled by this book. Your translation was perfect and the story extraordinary. I sincerely hope that this makes it onto the bestselling list, because that’s where it belongs!!”

An exceptionally well researched book... The storyline is woven among the extraordinary history of Freemasons. The amount of research that the authors have managed to pack into this tight well written book kept me behaving like a sponge, soaking it up and then wanting more. I know there have been other books written in the past few years that had us all in a flurry learning about conspiracies and rituals, but this isn’t like that, this is a crime story with the Freemason beliefs and ideology, being almost more important than the characters. Thanks to the combination of these two authors, this book will keep you awake long into the night until the final page. A book that I sincerely hope will become a bestseller, because it certainly has all the components of what a bestseller should have.” —BestsellingCrimeThrillers.com. Read full review here.  

Shadow Ritual