“The plot and pacing of a thriller, but the meticulous attention to historical detail sets it apart.”

”Berlin, 1945: The Third Reich is crumbling, and Hitler is living out his last days in desperate seclusion. This is a familiar scene, one that has been the subject of innumerable works of both fiction and nonfiction. Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne's Shadow Ritual, however, quickly takes a turn for the strange. At Hitler's side is a French SS officer known as Le Geurmand who has been chosen to go into hiding as part of a long-term underground mission directed by an ancient sect known as the Thule. It isn't until half a century later that the consequences of his actions begin to reveal themselves. 

In Rome in 2005, a man named Antoine Marcas is a Freemason and an expert in the history of that mysterious order. He's also a police officer, two roles that collide when he's assigned to assist in the investigation of a series of ritualistic murders. His partner in that investigation is Jade Zewinski, a cop with personal reasons to distrust the Masons. Shadow Ritual has the plot and pacing of a thriller, but the authors' meticulous attention to historical detail sets it apart. The novel is full of Masonic esoterica, made all the more fascinating by the fact that Ravenne is a member of the order. The first of the bestselling Antoine Marcas mysteries, the novel is now available for the first time in the U.S. --Emma Page, bookseller at Island Books in Mercer Island, Wash. for Shelf Awareness. 

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Discover: The first in a series of high-action thrillers featuring Antoine Marcas, police officer and Freemason.

Shadow Ritual