“It's a darned fine story.”

“This was an exciting book. It's a story about the Thule, an organization that has perpetuated the idea of a pure Aryan race, and their hunt for the elements that would allow them to perform the Shadow Ritual. It is a treasure hunt that has one side believing that in the end they will be able to realize the dream of a powerful Aryan race that will dominate the world, and the other side trying to catch up.

Marcas and Zewinski come into the investigation to solve a murder and end up knee-deep in a conspiracy that goes back to a time well before they were even born, and anyone who gets in the way has a distressing tendency to end up dead. Gruesomely dead.

There is plenty of history here too. Hitler had his henchmen seize massive amounts of documents from various organizations looking for any occult references (or what he termed as being occult, anyway). The Russians got to Berlin ahead of the rest of the Allies and managed to make off with a great deal of this information and kept it for decades before returning it to the various countries and organizations that it was taken from. There is also the history of the Freemasons, as well as the various rumors that have always seemed to follow them.

The race to find the elements that will allow the completion of the Shadow Ritual is a bloody one. The Thule will not allow the opportunity to slip through their hands and as Marcas and Zewinski are drawn deeper into the conspiracy, their lives are at risk. It's a story of a group of rabid believers who are willing to go to any lengths to make their vision of what they want the world to be become reality, and the people determined to find the truth as well as stop them. What they both find is going to be totally unexpected.

It's a darned fine story.” 5-stars, top Amazon reviewer

Shadow Ritual