“Shady characters and great wine join for a new adventure.”

“I enjoyed the plot, or rater the plots, and how they end up interconnecting. Characters are also evolving along the series: Benjamin still loves quoting the classics, but he is maybe closer to burn out and lets his guard down, which he would not have done earlier on. Whereas Virgile is maturing in his job and attention to details.

And of course, like in the other books of the series, what’s really neat is the description of the region and information on the wine. The passages about the cognac, its making and its multiple aromas and scents was really fabulous! Too bad the ebook does not come with a sample!
The financial background is also key and so relevant, as many French wines, especially in the Bordeaux region, are indeed bought up by Chinese companies.

VERDICT: Shady characters and great wine join for a new adventure in company of wine expert detective Benjamin. Reconnecting with your past may lead you to unexpected mysteries and dramas.” —Words and Peace

Cognac Conspiracies