“Molay is getting better and better...she's one of the best French crime writers out at the moment."

“Frederique Molay is getting better and better. Nico is such a beautifully rounded character with whom the reader can empathise wholeheartedly, and the development of his character throughout previous books meant I was extra invested when Nico's mother fell ill, because I knew of his relationship with her already. I appreciate the development of his character within a personal and professional way, and the story of Nico's life doesn't seem out of place within the telling of the crime story.

I also appreciate the research that goes into Molay's stories. The history of the park, the police procedure and processes, the theory behind the art and sociology of Cassian's artwork, and the motivation behind the murders were all painstakingly researched but also compellingly written. I always feel like I'm learning, but in a way that's interesting, which is a very positive reading experience for me. The setting is also very evocative; Paris entrenched through the entire story and the streets and parks and settings are becoming familiar, the more I read. The sense of place is excellent.

Finally, I appreciate the length of these stories. They can be read quickly, and while containing a vast amount of information there's nothing unnecessary in them. In short, another win for Molay.

Who is this book for?
For those reading Molay's previous books, City Of Blood is a must.

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Molay has written four other books, two in this series. She is one of the best French crime writers out at the moment, so maybe give her previous works a go.” —Illiterarty

The City of Blood