“The characters are always interesting and the mysteries compelling.”

“I have enjoyed each and every one of the stories in this series. The characters are always interesting and the mysteries compelling. There are always tidbits of information about wines to be gleaned from the stories without getting too weighed down in minutiae.
Benjamin Cooker is back but instead of being welcomed by the vintners, the owners of Lavoisier look at him with hostility as he is employed by the Chinese buyers of a part interest in a family owned (until then) cognac business. Three siblings inherited the concern upon the death of their father. One son sells his interest to the Chinese and it is apparent, they want more share but want to have Benjamin check the books before proceeding. He arrives in Cognac as an unwelcome guest to the two remaining siblings but chances upon a lost love of his youth who is very happy to see him. The remaining brother dies mysteriously and the intrigue goes into high gear as his sister tries desperately to hold control. Benjamin is unhappy with his assignment and resigns but not before he and his assistant are pulled into the machinations and the dark secrets that the murder brings to light. Before it is over, Benjamin is on the side of the angels again and despite some disenchantment, the story does have a satisfying ending, albeit not happy.” —4-star Netgalley reader review

Cognac Conspiracies