“An intense, mystery-packed adventure.”

Shadow Ritual by Giacometti and Ravenne was an intense, mystery-packed adventure.  There were times that I was reminded of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown because it kept me guessing and wondering what would happen next.  When the story begins it's the end of WWII and as readers we view the break down of the Nazi party and people in that party.  There are little clues and hints that the authors leave along the way.  Through the main character Antoine Marcas we learn about the Freemasons.  When Antoine witnesses the ritualistic aspects of one of the characters murders he quickly pieces together how they are connected to a murder in Jerusalem.   In the mist of these murders is the threat that a big secret from the Masons will be revealed.  Jade is a female detective that is added to the mix.  Her tense filled relationship with Antoine added to the story and I enjoyed reading about them. Jade added a very human touch to the story even though she was a complicated and multi-layered character.  Overall, I enjoyed the story and found it interesting and entertaining...just like The Da Vinci Code there were dark secrets, murders and a very intertwined plot." —Book Nerd

Shadow Ritual