“For lovers of food and drink, amateur-sleuth stories, anything set in France. There is something for all of them: a tightly plotted story, information about Armagnac, a lovingly rendered landscape."

"In the latest entry in the Winemaker Detective series, amateur sleuths Benjamin Cooker, an expert in wines, and his sidekick, Virgile, are in the French province of Gascony, where Armagnac brandy comes from. When a warehouse burns down and a winemaker is killed, Cooker is determined to find out whether it was misadventure or murder. He and Virgile uncover a whole host of suspects, and a town that will, it seems, go to extraordinary lengths to keep its secrets from getting out. The audience for the Winemaker series ranges from lovers of mysteries set in the world of food and drink, to fans of amateur-sleuth stories, to readers who enjoy pretty much anything set in France. And there really is something here for all of them: a tightly plotted story, plenty of information about how Armagnac is made, and a lovingly rendered landscape." —Booklist

Flambé in Armagnac