”Riveting from the first page as the mystery simmers until it is smartly deduced.“

"The numerous players with their severely flawed characters mixed with their unscrupulous entanglements made for a riveting backdrop to an exuberant mystery.

Cooker showed his savvy side by not allowing Guillaume Périthiard to control or manipulate him due to their professional arrangement. I like the control/power struggle hanging in the air between these two accomplished and intelligent men. The vast personalities and circumstances of the characters really made the narrative. Quillebaud’s death provided a stealth twist, throwing this amateur sleuth off course, well done.

Cooker and Virgile’s witty banter always entertain. Food, wine, literature and art served with a clever mystery always leave me craving more from the twosome of Alaux and Balen. As always I enjoy receiving a delicious education in food and wine, in this instance specifically the regional cuisine of Lyon and Beaujolais wine.

Riveting from the first page as the mystery simmers until it is smartly deduced. Alaux and Balen provide yet another well crafted mystery with renaissance man Cooker and his trusted charming acolyte Virgile.” —The Discerning Reader

Backstabbing in Beaujolais