"A remarkable thriller...No matter what you usually like, you have to read it.”

“A remarkable thriller! ... It keeps you wanting to know the rest, full of suspense and violence without being disgusting like some can be. It may even pretend to have morals and it is brilliantly written. You would never think it has been translated from French as it just sounds natural. I certainly did not expect something that good, even after reading the critics from Le Monde et al, which where amazing.

The story is quite complicated, but let's say to summarize that a guy was genetically manipulated by Hitler and other powers wanting to create a super man. He does not age, has amazing strength, and intelligence. He wants to help the world as much as possible ... he faces people willing to use biological weapons to try once again to create a super race, immune against most diseases. The frightening part is that the author uses events of the past years to illustrate his theory, like the metro killings in Moscow in 2010, integrates them in the story, until it sounds totally realistic.

No matter what you usually like, you have to read it and you will understand what I mean." —5-star Netgalley review

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