“An incredible scenario.”

“Early in Khara’s solid thriller, Jeremy Novacek, a Wall Street trader struggling with alcohol and personal issues, learns that his long-estranged father, Air Force Lt. Gen. Daniel J. Corbin, is dead. When Novacek tells his invalided mother the news, she hands him her locket and asks him to leave. Inside the locket is a tiny key embossed with a swastika. From an unexpected source Jay learns more about the key and his father. Soon, he’s on a plane to Zurich in the company of CIA agent Jackie Walls. Deadly Mossad agent Eytan Morg joins the action. Background passages describe a mysterious consortium that aided the rise of Hitler and abetted the medical experimentation performed by Nazis. Khara limns an incredible scenario in which the heinous activities of scientist Viktor Bleiberg reach out of the past to form a dire threat only an unlikely trio can deflect. (Apr.)” –Publishers Weekly, Mar. 11, 2012 issue