“Procedural fans will appreciate the fresh take.”

In the second in the Paris Homicide series (after The 7th Woman, 2014), Paris police chief Nico Sirsky is puzzled by the discovery, in the head of a dead man, a note with these words: “I was murdered.” The man’s death had been ruled a suicide—by all indications he shot himself in the head with a .22 caliber gun—but Sirsky isn’t one to let assumptions guide his investigations. Starting from scratch, he tasks his team of detectives to look into the man’s death and determine whether it was suicide or homicide. Granted, the series’ umbrella title sort of dilutes some of the suspense, but this is a spellbinding procedural, with an appealing protagonist and a fresh setting (Paris in winter, a nice change from the typical American big city). The author likes to play with genre conventions—the all-important note is discovered by dental students working on the victim’s severed head—procedural fans will appreciate the fresh take on standard material.— David Pitt ” Booklist