"Nicely done.”

Cooker gets called to the scene of a gruesome murder by the Chief Detective of Bordeaux. An elderly man has been found in his apartment.  The body has been hacked to pieces with a knife, and a semi-circle of twelve glasses are on the floor, with one glass filled.  Cooker, as an expert, is asked to determine the wine. 

Both the ‘appellation’ and the vintage could lead to explaining the reason behind the glasses and the murder.

Then there is another murder and the desecration of a grave.  The ages of the victims and the vintage make it plausible that the reason is related to the time of the Occupation.  This leads to the connection between the dead men and the reasoning behind the murders and desecration.  Nicely done, but you can feel from the action how the TV show played out.” Full review —Something Interesting This Way Comes blog