“One of the best translations...”

I wanted to share the reaction of those in attendance to you as it is extremely rare to have a consensus from this discerning group of mystery readers. There were twelve present and one that conveyed her opinion to me via email due to an out of town business trip. All liked the book greatly which made for an abbreviated discussion (our longest  discussions are elicited from books that we do not completely concur with each other). Many have indicated that they intend to continue reading the series and order CROSSING THE LINE (which I have read and reviewed) and I will apprise them of the third book when it becomes available.

This group tends to take our murders seriously and most of us have been with the group for many years, some since it's inception twenty some years ago.Group tends to prefer police procedural/private eye fiction. Group is selective, analytic demanding logic of our mysteries. The group generally abhors fluffy, cutesy fans of cozies/amateur detectives (unless exceptionally well done which is rare).  Most of us would avoid Miss Marple or Jessica Fletcher as pariah as St. Margaret Mead and Cabot's Cove have more bodies and crime than Chicago and New York put together. If I had an acquaintance that kept on stumbling over bodies and crime scenes, and as an amateur felt obligated to solve these  murders, I would sever the association for fear that I would be the next victim.


Here are a few of the all positive comments about THE 7TH WOMAN from other members of the group:

"terse, concise writing"

"Sirsky's personal and professional stories well balanced....did not go overboard with writing too much of about the personal life "

"One of the best translations ......Would not have known that this was not written originally in another language" 

—Centuries and Sleuths Mystery Discussion Group