“If you enjoy your crime set in a foreign clime, then this is the book for you.”

“The author has meticulously researched her subject, and her descriptions of the  inner workings of the French system of policing, its politics and, to a British reader, strange ways of handling the case gave this book an unusual edge which will appeal to fans of the police procedural... Crossing the Line is the second book to feature Nico Sirsky – The 7th Woman was the first – and although he is no Harry Bosch, he is definitely a character ripe for a third appearance in print. Nico is a good cop who is well respected by his team and his bosses, and a man who passionately believes in justice. He may have risen up the career ladder, but he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty in pursuit of the truth. While his working life is exemplary, his home life does have a few issues though. Nico’s ex-wife is in rehab and he is toying with the idea of asking his latest girlfriend, Caroline, to move in with him and his son, Dmitri. It is refreshing to see a male police officer working hard to juggle home and work – an area usually left to the girls in crime fiction.”  Read full review here. —Crime Fiction Lover