“For readers who love surprises and real pace in a plot, this is a book to read.”

“Eytan Morg(enstern) is  a Mossad agent and Nazi hunter. He is also the first patient to live through Professor Bleiberg’s genetic manipulations, thus giving him greatly enhanced physical and mental abilities. (See The Bleiberg Project also by David Khara and the first in The Consortium series.)

When his best friend, Eli Karman is kidnapped by The Consortium, Morg is coerced to work with his nemesis Elena (also a result of Bleiberg’s ministrations and a member of The Consortium).  Their mission – to find the group responsible for the theft of biological weapons.

When biological attacks occur in Moscow and the Czech Republic, Eytan and Elena are forced to co-operate and work against the clock to eliminate the threat and enable Eli Karman’s release.

David Khara has produced a book that is topical and fast-paced.  The interaction between Eytan and Elena is intriguing in that despite their diametrically opposed points of view, there is definitely a degree of frisson in the relationship.

The book moves between, not only places, but time frames, and whilst this may seem a little unwieldy, it actually adds to the overall tightness of the plot and the whole novel - from 1943 through to the present and from places such as Japan, Manchuria, Brussels and Prague.

For readers who love surprises and real pace in a plot, this is a book to read." —BestSellingCrimeThrillers.com