“This book is short and intense. It sprays with bullets, it bursts and it's breathtaking.”

“What's good about it? The relentless pace of the story. This book is short and intense. From the very beginning, we are drawn into the story... The three accomplices find themselves chasing the missing elements to allow them to save the world and their lives. With that, if I tell you that there's some CIA, Mossad and other hidden but global organizations involved... it gives you a good idea of the tension in this book. For fans of global conspiracy, genetic mutation and other experiment, you'll love The Bleiberg Project! (anti-GMO will also find compelling arguments)...
We meet a bunch of characters, from the protagonists - Jay the trader-moron who proves intelligent, funny and humble enough eventually, Eytan the enigmatic character that you would like to know more, especially given his past and Jackie the CIA secret weapon: small but mighty! - to the historical figures (Himmler, Hitler and other Nazis eager for scientific experiments and to create the perfect creature). Because yes, we go from one era to another, from one gang of merry men to another, it sprays with bullets, it bursts and it's breathtaking...An excellent book that reads quickly, a fast-paced story and a devastating humor. The Bleiberg Project was a great success and it's well deserved. It is a 4.5 / 5 for me.” —To Read Or Not To Read is Not a Question. Read full review here.

The Bleiberg Project