“Molay can give CSI writers a run for their money...The book transported me to Paris.”

“Those who read the first two books, The 7th Woman and Crossing the Line already know that Frédérique Molay can give the writers of CSI and all police procedurals shows a run for their money. In The City of Blood , Ms. Molay channels Bones, the Fox hit series about forensic anthropology.

...The mystery aspect of the book will keep the readers on the edge of their seats; yet, it is Frédérique Molay’s stunning sense of physical details that make everything come alive! The book transported me to Paris – the sight, the sound, the smell; in my mind’s eye, I was in the French capital. Such is the power of Frédérique Molay’s words.

And because I read the English translation, I also have to commend the translator, Jeffrey Zuckerman. I might be reading English words but I also hear the lyrical lilt of the French language in the translation.

One last note: though I am almost sure that Frédérique Molay is not thinking of becoming a spokesperson of French tourism, she might as well be because her descriptions of the Paris locale are so informative I will not be surprised if she gets quoted in travel books.” —Marienela blog. Read full review here.

The City of Blood