“Difficult to forget and oddly addictive...deserves a high mark for keeping the answers hidden and the pages turning."

“Difficult to forget and oddly addictive, this tale of derangement deserves a high mark for keeping the answers hidden and the pages turning.

Ritualized murders laced with symbolism terrorize the vineyards of Pomerol in Deadly Tasting, a chilling French mystery set in Bordeaux. Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen ferment a scenario so shocking and intriguing that even a jaded connoisseur of whodunits will seek an explanation.

Deadly Tasting is one of a twenty-two-book series that launched a four-season television run in France, a popular story now propelling a craze that may catch on in the United States. This creepy tale has lost nothing in translation, for its immaculate presentation sets a standard that die-hard writers in the mystery genre—pun intended—would do well to emulate. In carefully arranged precision, elderly bodies and desecrated graves lead to clues that drive a spine-tingling criminal investigation. Benjamin Cooker, a wine critic, works with police on this bizarre case, attempting to decipher the disturbed mind of a serial killer.” —ForeWord Reviews. Read full review here.

Deadly Tasting