“An exciting page-turner and an excellent winter read.”

Having read and enjoyed The Bleiberg Project, the first in the Consortium series, I was expecting a similar storyline and plot, given the protagonist, Eytan Morg's much stated aim to thwart the evil machinations of the Consortium. However this book showed a more subtle approach to the winning formula of the first, pitting Eytan and his former adversary together against a common foe, blurring the traditional lines of enemy and hero. I liked the way the character of Eytan was developed from the first book, showing a more nuanced personality and a greater emotional involvement in the relationship with his mission partners. Lots of fast-paced action and intriguing background made this an exciting page-turner and an excellent winter read. More adventures from David Khara and his fascinating giant, Eytan, please!” —4-star Netgalley review

The Shiro Project