“This is a great series set in a beautiful city and I cannot wait to see where it goes next!”

“I cannot get enough of this series. Whereas the first two novels left me wanting to feel more like I was really in Paris, this one gave me more of that feel. The author has definitely grown with each book. Although the book describes places I did not see while there I did not miss a beat as I could see it this time. The description of the park and its history was vivid. I could see the banquet table and the different parts of the park. I could see the things that were described in the history of the park. I could envision the actual banquet with people at the table and how things were laid out and how things occurred at the archaeological dig. As the investigation into the remains found I was on edge trying to guess who put it there. Was it someone at the banquet or someone new? How long had the remains been there given how long the banquet leftovers had been buried?

I love Nico Sirsky and it is a great experience getting to learn about his family's background and how they related to others from the Ukraine and their religious history. Although I wish we were privy to Nico's family's visit to the Ukraine after so many years of his mother being away, I loved getting more of a glimpse into his mother's life. She said something at lunch that I wondered if it was due to her history and if there will be more about that in a future story or if it was due to what was occurring in The City of Blood. Nico's elite team sounds great and I love reading about each of them doing their part of the investigations. I would like the books to be longer and give more character development and make the books longer. This is a great series set in a beautiful city and I cannot wait to see where it goes next!.” —5-star Netgalley review