Street View Tour of The Greenland Breach

I just learned that Google Maps street view has extended its coverage to parts of the vast country of Greenland (BBC news), so I thought it would be fun to do a quick Street View tour of some of the settings in Bernard Besson's The Greenland Breach. I found that much of the action that does occur in Greenland is set way off the beaten track, so no Google. And for those settings I did find, we don't see the snow and cold we get in the book, but that's no reason to miss the ICE COLD THRILLER discount going on right now on The Greenland Breach ebooks (until March 9). 


Nuuk, Greenland

France - Paris and Burgundy

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The Greenland Breach

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Bernard Besson on Global Warming

Bernard Besson, a prize-winning thriller writer and former top-level French intelligence officer, talks to us about The Greenland Breach, a novel about the real consequences of global warming. It’s got a cracking ice cap, rival multinationals and cutthroat espionage. Available in translation next week.

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