Eric Giacometti and David Khara at Thrillerfest 2015: the TV interviews

Éric Giacometti and David Khara at Thrillerfest 2015

Éric Giacometti and David Khara at Thrillerfest 2015

From July 5th to 9th, Anne Trager attended the 2015 edition of Thrillerfest in New York. But she didn't go alone: Eric Giacometti, author of Shadow Ritual, and David Khara, author of The Consortium Thrillers series, were part of the trip too. They both talked to Jessica Mazo of Martini Productions. Here are the full interviews. No better than the authors themselves to give insights about their work and inspiration. Will you find the one with the loveliest French accent?

Eric Giacometti

David Khara

Translator Sally Pane Interviewed in Big Thrill

Sally Pane has translated a number of the Winemaker Detective novels. She was interviewed in Big Thrill Magazine this month.  She talks about the series and the new release: Mayhem in Margaux. Here are the questions she answers.

  • It doesn’t seem necessary to read the earlier books to enjoy this one but could you give us some background on the earlier books?
  • A special charm of the series is the portrayal of quotidian life outside of Paris—in southwestern France—and the insider look at winemaking. In MAYHEM there are enjoyable digressions on summering at a rental villa in Cap Ferrat, the beautiful stones of the Medoc, and corks versus screw tops as well as a touching scene of Benjamin with his daughter visiting from New York. Do each of the books also touch on some current social issue such as gentrification or illegal immigrants?
  • The series is written by a duo of experienced authors, one a wine lover and one a music expert. Could you tell us something more about them? Do you know anything about their collaborative process? How involved are they in the translation into English?
  • There is a successful French TV series based on the books. Is “Blood on the Vine” available in the United States?
  • The publisher, Le French Book, is a relatively new venture, and Penguin is currently publishing new translations of the Inspector Maigret books by Simenon. Do you think there is more receptivity now in the Anglophone world to translated mysteries? Do you have any theories about the boom in translation of Nordic mysteries?
  • This series seems lighter in tone than earlier French mysteries translated into English. Have you observed any major differences between French and American/British mysteries or was the earlier choice of darker and more psychologically based books to translate a matter of chance?
  • You’ve been translating for more than twenty years. Have you seen any changes over that time period? Has the advent of e-books helped increase the visibility of translated books or, on the other hand, made it more difficult to be noticed among the flood of new titles and decrease in print reviews?
  • You have done scientific, legal, and literary translations. What do you find to be the particular challenges and pleasures of translating popular fiction like this series?
  • What do you personally enjoy the most about the Winemaker Detective series?


Is he really a Mossad agent? David Khara on his Protagonist

In a recent interview, French thriller writer David Khara talked about the protagonist of his Consortium thriller series, the Mossad agent Eytan Morg. But is he really a Mossad agent? Find out below. Read the full interview here—in it he also talks about how he writes the books and more.

The Protagonist: A Mossad agent?

  • Eytan works for Mossad at the beginning of the series, but he insists on the fact that he is Polish. In The Bleiberg Project, we learn he was born in a little village in Poland.
  • Eytan considers himself a shield against barbarism and fascism, and he works with people who hunt war criminals.
  • Being Jewish is the reason he was sent to Warsaw’s Ghetto, but religion means little to Eytan, since no god showed up to save him as a child.
  • In The Shiro Project, we learn that Eytan leaves England in the 1950s to join Mossad, but in The Morgenstern Project, it becomes obvious that Eytan works with Mossad, and not for it. 

His Future

  • Has Eytan ever been in love, or even shared someone’s life? I think you’ll have to wait for the next books to find out.
  • David is currently working on a thriller that deals with tax evasion and nuclear material trafficking. "Once I’m done with it, I’ll start working on Eytan’s return!"

Frédérique Molay Interviewed in The Big Thrill

Thanks to Azam Gill, The Big Thrill ran a long interview of Frédérique Molay this month, following the release of The City of Bloodwhich is part of the Paris Homicide series.

Find out if she is related to Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, what she thinks about the differences between French and American thrillers, transcending the limits of a French readership, French "Jack the Rippers," where she finds her inspiration to write these police procedurals set in France, and much more.