Deals and Distraction: Holiday Reading Discounts

Paris, anyone?

How about a little distraction for the holidays? Tis the season for some discounts, so check out these front-list and back-list ebooks deals for a holiday reading list full of intrigue, thrills and action with a French touch. Whether you are looking to start a new series, test out a new ereader, or simple enjoy a good read, you should find something in this selection of international mysteries and thrillers. Discounted prices will apply through January 5th.

Paris, anyone?

Two titles in the Paris Homicide series by Frédérique Molay will be on sale: The 7th Woman and Crossing the Line. These gritty police procedurals are set in the City of Light. where there’s no rest for Paris’s top criminal investigation division, La Crim’. Chief of Police Nico Sirsky watches over the streets of the French capital in a series that leads you behind the scenes with the French police and into the coroner’s office. 

  • “From the Paris setting to the autopsy scenes, Molay’s descriptions add believable imagery to this page-turner mystery.” —Foreword Reviews
  • "Procedural fans will appreciate the fresh take." —Booklist

Roller-coaster Action

For international action and intrigue, two titles in Consortium Thriller series by David Khara will also be discounted: The Bleiberg Project and The Shiro Project. This series offers a roller-coaster ride that dips into the history of World War II, then races through a modern-day loop-to-loop of action and humor. What impact could the folly of World War II—death camps, medical manipulation and chemical warfare—still have today? 

  • "Fluidly written and very cleverly plotted...Lots of fun." —Booklist
  • "A fun, fast-paced thriller." —Shelf Awareness

Epicurean Intrigue

Food and wine are part and parcel to the holidays as they are to the Winemaker Detective series by Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noël Balen. Three titles will be available at reduced prices: Grand Cru Heist, Nightmare in Burgundy, and Deadly Tasting.  A mix of deceit, death, and crime combined with Epicurean enjoyment of fine food and beverage makes for a very festive and unique mystery series that follows master winemaker Benjamin Cooker and his sidekick Virgile Lanssien in their adventures solving mysteries in vineyards throughout France.

  • "Will whet appetites of fans of both Iron Chef and Murder, She Wrote.” —Booklist
  • “Difficult to forget and oddly addictive...deserves a high mark for keeping the answers hidden and the pages turning." —Foreword Reviews

Spies and dirty deeds

For those who prefer cracking ice caps, rival multinationals and cutthroat espionage, The Greenland Breach by Bernard Besson will also be discounted. In the glacial silence of the great north, a merciless war is being waged. Global warming and subsequent natural disasters hide international rivalries over discoveries that will change the future of humanity.

  • “Besson constructs a complex plot and confidently portrays the grandiosity as it unfolds.” —Publishers Weekly
  • “Bernard Besson takes the eco-thriller to a whole new level” —Jon Land, bestselling author of Strong Rain Falling

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