Coping with Success and Failure

As in life, when you write a novel, at some point you will publish it, and then, you face either success or failure. David Khara, author of the Consortium thriller series, enjoyed instant success in France. Here, he shares some thoughts on coping. His advice applies to many endeavors.

You’ve been brave, you fought against yourself, against the odds, against those who told it would never happen, and here it is at last: your book is there, in front of you. It will be sold very soon, online or in bookstores. Now is the time for THE question: will it be successful?

Forget about that. I know it is hard, but you HAVE TO FORGET ABOUT IT.

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Why forget? Because success doesn’t depend on you. Even if your book is pure genius, you never know what’s going to happen, so let go. Something good happens? Take it. Nothing happens? That is the fate of a huge majority of books. Of course, you can hope. Not hoping would be ridiculous. But if nothing happens, do not give up. Do not surrender, and do not start believing you have no talent. A professional has decided to publish your work, this should mean something. Maybe it wasn’t the right time, maybe too many good books were released at the same time, who knows.

Something else could happen: your book could be an amazing success. It could become impossible to open a magazine without seeing your face (this happens to very few writers). Stay calm. It doesn’t mean you’re the best. Maybe you were in the right place at the right time. And still, with success comes exposure and harsh criticism that will hurt your feelings. Put all this aside. Keep doing what you like, keep telling stories. Always imagine you’ll be writing for ten people. And do your best to bring these ten people the only thing that makes sense: entertainment.

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Eric Giacometti and David Khara at Thrillerfest 2015: the TV interviews

Éric Giacometti and David Khara at Thrillerfest 2015

Éric Giacometti and David Khara at Thrillerfest 2015

From July 5th to 9th, Anne Trager attended the 2015 edition of Thrillerfest in New York. But she didn't go alone: Eric Giacometti, author of Shadow Ritual, and David Khara, author of The Consortium Thrillers series, were part of the trip too. They both talked to Jessica Mazo of Martini Productions. Here are the full interviews. No better than the authors themselves to give insights about their work and inspiration. Will you find the one with the loveliest French accent?

Eric Giacometti

David Khara

Le French Book Writers at Thrillerfest

Two top thriller writers from France—Eric Giacometti and David Khara—will be attending International Thriller Writers' Thrillerfest from July 9-11 in New York City. On a panel about thrillers on the international market, they will be joining top thriller writers from around the world for this event.

Eric Giacometti's Shadow Ritual, which he wrote with Jacques Ravenne, came out recently in English. It's an electrifying thriller about the rise of extremism.

David Khara's titles available in English are The Bleiberg ProjectThe Shiro Project and The Morgenstern Project. These Consortium thrillers offer a roller-coaster ride that dips into the history of World War II, then races through a modern-day loop-to-loop of action and humor. What impact could the folly of World War II—death camps, medical manipulation and chemical warfare—still have today?

Thrillerfest is organized by International Thriller Writers, which has over 3,000 members in 28 countries with nearly 3 billion books in print.

Publisher Anne Trager from Le French Book will be joining Giacometti and Khara for the round table.

We'd love to see you there.

Is he really a Mossad agent? David Khara on his Protagonist

In a recent interview, French thriller writer David Khara talked about the protagonist of his Consortium thriller series, the Mossad agent Eytan Morg. But is he really a Mossad agent? Find out below. Read the full interview here—in it he also talks about how he writes the books and more.

The Protagonist: A Mossad agent?

  • Eytan works for Mossad at the beginning of the series, but he insists on the fact that he is Polish. In The Bleiberg Project, we learn he was born in a little village in Poland.
  • Eytan considers himself a shield against barbarism and fascism, and he works with people who hunt war criminals.
  • Being Jewish is the reason he was sent to Warsaw’s Ghetto, but religion means little to Eytan, since no god showed up to save him as a child.
  • In The Shiro Project, we learn that Eytan leaves England in the 1950s to join Mossad, but in The Morgenstern Project, it becomes obvious that Eytan works with Mossad, and not for it. 

His Future

  • Has Eytan ever been in love, or even shared someone’s life? I think you’ll have to wait for the next books to find out.
  • David is currently working on a thriller that deals with tax evasion and nuclear material trafficking. "Once I’m done with it, I’ll start working on Eytan’s return!"

David Khara blog tour: Post about a New Generation of Soldiers

David Khara, the author of the Consortium Thriller series, talks about the series—and in particular about The Morgenstern Project, his most recent release in English—at the blog Queen of All She Reads.

In this interesting post, he says,  "The Consortium thriller series is all about resistance and ethics—resistance against barbarism and fascism, as well as resistance against our own instincts, the dark sides of our souls. As for ethics, well, the term “human experiments” says it all. And of course, Eytan Morg, the hero of the series, embodies these two essential issues. In a way, he is even stuck between them, as we see in The Morgenstern Project. 

Half of the book tells us more about Eytan’s past in a Polish Home Army in the 1940s, the other half, set in the present day, shows how a special commando is created by the US army. This commando is made of soldiers severely wounded on the battlefield, reconstructed with new-generation prosthetics. Sounds a little bit like the “Six Million Dollar Man,” doesn’t it?

Well, if you think this is mere fantasy, coming straight from the tortured brain of a French writer, you are mistaken. Okay, partly mistaken…"

Read the rest here.



The Morgenstern Project Book Tour

The Morgenstern Project by David Khara is now on tour, with giveaway opportunities, guest posts and more. Much thanks to France Book Tours for putting this together for us. Please visit the bloggers.

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