Passion, bridges, and cross-cultural services


I spent some time this year contemplating a question: “What is the why?” What is the why behind Le French Book?

I needed to ask it because the venture was sucking up my energy, and the thrill and excitement I had at the beginning had turned into a dull concern expressing itself in spreadsheets.

So, what is the why?

Le French Book stemmed from my love of mystery novels and my skill as a translator—combined, I could bring some good reads to readers. Is that enough to sustain a business? Honestly, passion is a great driver, but business sense really helps. Thus my reality check.

For me, Le French Book has always been about building bridges between cultures through stories. I just love the stories we have found and the whole process of translating them. As we have advanced, we became more involved in adapting our translations, and I personally have become very attached to the characters as they grow and evolve. From this experience, we as a team have all developed a much deeper understanding of cultural differences and what it takes to be a cross-cultural bridge.

Being a bridge is a good why for me.

What does that mean for Le French Book? We are expanding our offer to cross-cultural services, as a way to keep our initial passion for translating books going.

I invite you to take a look at our new cross-cultural services page here.

And, yes, there is another book in the pipeline. More on that soon.