New Release: Another Exciting Antoine Marcas Thriller is Available

It’s “absolutely riveting,” according to one early reviewer. It has gold fever, freemasonry, murder and a search for the Lafayette sword. What more could you want for a late-summer read?

Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne rank at the top of France’s best-selling thriller writers list. They owe their international renown to their series about the Freemason Inspector Antoine Marcas, which made its U.S. debut last year with Shadow Ritual. Now, The Lafayette Sword is available in English.

Following the murder of a Freemason brother, Antoine Marcas uncovers unsettling truths about gold and its power to fascinate and corrupt. A priceless sword is stolen and deaths ensue setting the Freemason detective on a case of Masons turned bad. A clue points to mysteries and conspiracy about elusive pure gold, launching a frantic, deadly race between two symbolic places—the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. A captivating plot weaves alchemy and the Middle Ages into a modern-day thriller.

A “phenomenal series”

Ancient myths, secret societies, chilling narrative, and fast-paced intrigue offer escape reading in the lines of Robert Ludlum, Dan Brown and Steve Berry. This series electrified France and went on to sell over 2 million copies worldwide. French Freemason and historian Jacques Ravenne’s insider knowledge combines with Eric Giacometti’s fast-paced writing and reporter’s understanding of the modern world. Douglas Preston calls it “phenomenal.” The stories center on a Freemason cop who, because of his affiliation with this group, gets assigned to investigations related to esoteric groups, with symbols, mysteries, mishaps and adventure.

Praise for the series

  • “Vivid characters, evocative international settings, and a history darker than midnight. I highly recommend!” —Douglas Preston, #1 bestselling coauthor of the famed Pendergast series of novel
  • “A race against the clock.” —Le Figaro
  • “A superbly esoteric blend of history and adventure.” —Glenn Cooper, internationally bestselling thriller writer
  • “Giacometti and Ravenne’s series kickoff has abundant visceral appeal." —Kirkus Reviews
  • “Brilliantly plotted and well researched.” —Le Parisien