New Spy Thriller from Former Top Spy and Award-Winning Thriller Writer

We are happy to announce the release of The Rare Earth Exchange, a chilling story of real-world corruption and cyberterrorism. Award-winning author Bernard Besson comes from a long career in the French intelligence service.

This new financial espionage thriller offers an unsettling perspective on finance and corruption in the world today. Besson has  a sharp sense of what is at stake in today's world of espionage and global economic warfare. 

As a specialist in economic intelligence, spy novels are an entertaining way to tell truths about geopolitics and about operatives who risk their lives for their country. “It’s fiction, but the geostrategic stakes and the way the players think and act are all pulled from reality,” he explains.

Besson's books have been described as "prescient" and “intelligent and literate” spy thrillers.

The same team of operatives found in The Greenland Breach are back in this disturbing look at a post-Panama Papers world, spanning the world from Paris to Malaysia. In it, they get caught up in a web of corruption and terrorism in a struggle to control rare minerals key to today’s technology.

This title is for readers who love spies and action, smart escapist fiction, and political intrigue. It was shortlisted for the 2015 Quais du Polar series award.


  • “From Paris to Malaysia, once again Besson’s fast-paced prose uncovers the deepest, darkest and most violent realities of our times.” —Le Monde
  • “A scary book about a globe-spanning confrontation that seems altogether plausible.” —Big Thrill Magazine
  • “Bernard Besson has written a fast-paced, intelligent and entirely plausible thriller.” —Bookseller review