Big Thrill interviews Sophie on Rare Earth Exchange

Financial espionage thriller - post Panama Papers

We're gearing up for the release of Bernard Besson's new financial espionage thriller The Rare Earth Exchange.

Translator Sophie Weiner talked with writer Kay Kendall in this month's issue of Big Thrill. Check out her interview to find out her answers to these questions.


  • How challenging was working with a text that is dense with geopolitical corruption, international high finance, and cyberwarfare?
  • Was there anything that you learned in this novel that surprised or shocked you?
  • Is there a difference in how American and French readers respond to mysteries and thrillers? Do different aspects of these books appeal to one culture more than another?
  • As the translator of this thriller written for a French audience, you are responsible for bringing it successfully across the Atlantic to American readers. What are the challenges you faced in bridging the two cultures in your translation?
  • If a plot element is changed, what is the process you use to find out if the author approves?
  • Can you share with us one tip—or trick—you learned when translating and adapting this and other fast-paced thrillers from French to English? Something perhaps that your teachers at the Sorbonne never taught you?
  • What was the first thriller you ever read, and what made it memorable?