Writing Life: Meet an Author

Today, we have a few words from Anne-Laure Thiéblemont, author of an upcoming mystery set in Paris art circles: The Collector. Anne-Laure is an reporter and trained gem specialist, known for her investigations into stolen art and gem trafficking. She currently works as a magazine editor, and splits her time between Paris and Marseille. She shares her thoughts about the upcoming release.

Art reporter and gem specialist, author of The Collector, Anne-Laure Thiéblemont

Books have the quality and advantage of circulating independently of the author.  Now, The Collector will be coming out in English and it will be released in August. I love that month more than any other. It’s the month I always plan to be at the beach. I swim and I write. That is all I do. I don’t need anything more than a few square meters right next to the water. Then, writing can take me anywhere. Being a writer is a state of being on vacation without being on vacation.

I like the way thinking, meditating, imagining, and writing bring out other ways of being in the world. Then, as a writer, what I enjoy most is meeting readers. It’s not the reviews, the promotion, the prizes. No, it’s the possibility of meeting someone who enjoys the universe I created.

I worked as a reporter for a long time, but I needed to find a more personal mode of expression. I always wanted to write a novel and the character of Marion Spicer had been tapping on my shoulder for a long time. She kept saying, “Tell my story.” And the topic of the book was important enough to me to spend three years writing it. Sometimes you can get tired of a story. It can run its course quickly and putter out. But you know early on if you have a protagonist that has enough of a structure to lead you further, and even to dictate the course of the story.

This is what happened. It wasn’t easy for me to write a mystery. But Marion's story was a mystery, so that is what I wrote.